BYU: Online Media Lecture Series

byuclassSocial Hat partners Jack Hadley and Cary Snowden are currently in the midst of the Online Media Lecture Series, a nine-week course being presented at Brigham Young University. Our Thanks and appreciation to Jeff Sheets, director of the Advanced Advertising Lab and the interest of the Advanced Advertising students for inviting us to share our experiences in social media marketing.

You can find us each Thursday in the Joseph F. Smith Building (JFSB), room B002 from 11:00 a.m. to Noon.

To view notes, comments, and recordings of our previous sessions, visit the BYU Online Media Lecture Series page.

See you there!

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Suntweet Success!

The SunTweet event was a major success. Everyone had a great time, we met lots of people, and collectively gave to a deserving charity.

Our presentation to Serenity…


Money was posted to the Serenity account. Our work here is done!

After reviewing the event, and counting up our contribution to Serenity I am overwhelmed with a great feeling that is the spirit of giving. I have never done anything like this before, and admittedly have to swallow back a lump in my throat as I consider how we may have helped a person in need. Maybe a bill or two, maybe breakfast or dinner, maybe a new pair of shoes, or maybe just a fun trip to a movie or museum. I hope that our contribution will help Serenity and her parents sleep a little easier, take a little break, or bring a little extra cheer. Thank you all for participating.

Mark your calendar for next year; We WILL do it again!

Official Stats and other mentions…

  • Our selected charity is Serenity, nominated by Jesse Stay.
  • We collectively donated $573.93 (update: $20 more!)
  • There were 80 people in attendance at the event, and an additional 130 watchers via
  • Largest confirmed single donation: $39.93 (several $30s and many $20s!)
  • Thank you to Park City Mountain Resort and Doba for sponsoring the venue and food.
  • Thank you to Startup Princess for your help in co-organizing the event.

Other Posts: (Tell me and I will update)

Attendees and Contributors (The following people contributed to Serenity):

Help me out; please report if I have missed, mispelled, or mistaken.

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SunTweet Last Minute Goodies…

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at SunTweet tonight at Park City Mountain Resort.

This is a Charity Tweetup: Bring $5 or more to put in the pot. We’ll vote for a recipient.

Charities are listed here.

Event info is listed here.

Hosts, Sponsors and Supporters are listed here.

Follow the action on Twitter at #suntweet

See a list of some attendees here.

Get a Map to the joint, here.

If you have a lame excuse for not being with us in person tonight, @h0neyb will be attempting to broadcast live over the internet at:

See you there!


…and @startupprincess and Jack_Hadley

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SunTweet Sponsors

A special Thank You for the many folks helping to make #SunTweet the tweetest tweetup, ever!

Our hosts:

Our Sponsors:

Our Panel:

  1. Jyl Johnson Pattee of Mom it Forward
  2. Ghennipher of S|M Spin
  3. Krista Parry, of Park City Mountain Resort
  4. Jesse Stay of Stay-n-Alive
  5. Sinohui Hinojosa of Emerging Artist Productions

Our Support:

If I have missed someone, and I am sure I have, let me know at @carysnowden

SunTweet is a Charity Tweetup. Check out our growing list of Charity Nominations…

Coming? RSVP for SunTweet

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Social Media Club Report

I just got back from the premier meeting of the Salt Lake City Social Media Club, a meeting of local Salt Lake area social media mavens and marauders*. A good time was most certainly had by all who attended, and there were quite a few of us.

I am not sure of the official numbers, but I am certain there were a minimum of 60 people at the event, and it could easily have been 80 or so. (update: I am seeing official reports of ’71’)

With a good mix of usual suspects and new faces, the meeting provided a great opportunity to say ‘hello’ to old and new friends alike, and to add a handful of people to my list of friends to look for at the next social media event.

A special Thank You goes to the great folks at The Summit Group for hosting the event, and providing the well-received pizza and sodas (at one point drawing applause from the entire crowd as a new round of boxes were brought in).

We started the evening with a healthy round of socializing before tuning in to Social Media Club founder Chris Heuer for a video conference via Skype. Chris welcomed us to The Club, provided an introduction and scope of the club’s structure and objectives, and then answered a couple of questions.

After listening to Chris for a few minutes we all migrated to the downstairs where we had more open space to break into smaller workgroups for a few minutes of focused discussion. There were six or so breakout groups, each with a specific area of social media to discuss. At the end of the breakout discussions a representative from each group presented some thoughts to the rest of the attendees.

Initially skeptical of the structure, I soon found myself getting involved and enjoyed hearing the insights from each of the groups. The breakouts turned out to be a great idea and enforced a sense of value for the meeting. We all left understanding that the discussion was recorded, and will be published at some point in the future. I’ll link from here when that happens.

I took a handful of photos with my phone. Here they are below…

To everyone at the event: Thank you and ‘nice to meet you’. To everyone who missed it; we’ll see you at the next one, to be held on every third Thursday from here on out. Watch the official Web site for details.

NEW: Jeri Cartwright posted this review.

I hope to see you all at the #suntweet Charity Tweetup next week!

*I meant that in the nicest possible sense of the word. :-)

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Suntweet Charity Tweetup Nominations

Coming? RSVP for SunTweet

This post will list the charities nominated for the Suntweet Tweetup (#suntweet). I will updated as often as I get nominations throughout the next couple weeks. Pass the word.

Nominate yours my writing to @carysnowden or @startupprincess.
Vote on the day of the tweetup via SocialToo. Watch #suntweet for announcement.

Here they are:

  1. Serenity nominated by Jesse Stay.
  2. Utah Food Bank nominated by Michelle McCullough
  3. The Peace House nominated by Eric Hoffman
  4. Best Friends Animal Society nominated by Jon Dunn
  5. The Road Home by @lencarson
  6. Utah Valley Family Support Center nominated by @invotus
  7. Hogle Zoo nominated by @hogle_zoo (itself)
  8. nominated by Lee Hart
  9. Tracy Aviary nominated by Reverend Ted
  10. The Straighter Way Foundation nominated by @tamtrot
  11. The Christmas Box nominated by @startupprincess (?)

How Do I Contribute?

  1. Bring $5 or more to the #SunTweet and throw it in the fishbowl. or…
  2. Click the Donate button below to give us a couple o’ bucks via PayPal.

We’ll make sure all donations are delivered to the fishbowl, and to the winning charity.

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The Crunchies are Here!

TechCrunch is hosting their annual Crunchies awards again, allowing us to vote on our favorites among a range of technologies and startups.

I am a little disappointed that some of my favorites from this last year are not in the running (Jott and Things), but there is a good list of new technologies and if nothing more, the Crunchies vote page is a great place to get a quick overview of the most eye-catching technologies from this last year.

Even if you don’t vote, go to the Crunchies page and see what you might be missing.

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Charity Tweetup at Sundance! (Updated x7)

Social Hat and Startup Princess are co-hosting a Charity Tweetup at the Sundance Film Festival. A special Thank You to Doba , Park City Mountain Resort, and our other sponsors!

Coming? RSVP for SunTweet

  • Donate to charity.
  • Coke™ and Pizza on the house.
  • 20-minute panel presentation on ‘Creating Value For Your Social Audience“.
  • Cash bar.
  • Birds of a feather.



Date: THURSDAY, January 22 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Place: 3rd floor of the Legacy Lodge, Park City, UT*
Theme: Charity Tweetup (see below)

This will be a charity tweetup. Attendees are asked to donate $5 (min) to the pot, which will be donated on our collective behalf to a local Utah charity. @startupprincess is taking suggestions for charities, and we will conduct a last minute vote over SocialToo during the event to determine who will receive the proceeds.

What is a Charity Tweetup?

‘Tis the season, of course, so here’s what we are planning: Our Sundance Tweetup will be a Charity Tweetup, meaning that whilst we are socializing amongst ourselves we are also going to be conducting a fund-raiser to donate to a local Utah charity. We’ll all feel good, for sooo many reasons. Here’s how it works:

  1. Send your charity nominations to @startupprincess;
  2. Bring $5 or more to the #suntweet tweetup;
  3. During the tweetup, we will conduct a poll via;
  4. At 8:50 p.m. we will announce the winning charity, and the amount collected.

Spread the word, and use hashtag #suntweet to find us on Twitter.

Our evening will also feature a 25-minute panel discussion featuring five prominent panelists who will share how they have built value for their social audience, and how that has helped them grow their following to monumental levels.


  1. Jyl Johnson Pattee of Mom it Forward
  2. Ghennipher of S|M Spin
  3. Krista Parry, of Park City Mountain Resort
  4. Jesse Stay of Stay-n-Alive
  5. Sinohui Hinojosa of Emerging Artist Productions

Tell everyone! This event is being announced solely via social media.

*Resort Plaza / Park City Mountain Resort / Legacy Lodge / 1315 Lowell Avenue / Park City, UT 84060

The event is listed on at

Want to help? Contact @carysnowden, @startupprincess, or @Jack_Hadley for sponsorships, questions or offerings.

Accolades and Appreciations:

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Crunch Lunch Presentations Are Posted

Presentations from our Crunch Lunch event on December 4th have been posted to

Have at ’em…

Click the title to view their presentations:

Crunch Lunch™ is a production of Social Hat. Presentations are distributed by Crunch Lunch with permission from the authors. All materials are copyright of the author and all rights are reserved.

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What Is A Tweetup?

As everyone does, my first response when I heard the term ‘tweetup’ was to pretend I already knew what it meant. Now that I have actually been to a few I can honestly say it is an amazing extension of our virtual network, which in itself is an amazing thing.

A tweetup is an event where people who Twitter come together to meet in person. Normally we connect with our friends online after we have met them. At a tweetup you meet the people you might only otherwise know virtually. Like finally putting a name to a face, a tweetup is a great opportunity to really connect with the people in your network and share just a little more than 140 characters at a time.

I stopped by the Salt Lake Brewing Company tonight to tweetup with Salt Lake City tweeters. Another great meeting in the bag, and a few more friends to follow. Nice to meet you all, here’s the photo, and what a tweetup looks like in real life…

Click image for the Big Kahuna. Sorry @DMX for cutting you off.

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