SunTweet Panel Primer

Thank you for participating on our SunTweet panel. We really appreciate your insight, and thank you for sharing it with the crowd.


Theme and thoughts for preparation:

Each panelist will get about 5 minutes to present, and then move to questions for 15 minutes.

The subject is: ‘Creating value for your social audience‘.

We want to hear how you have created value for your followers in Twitter, Facebook, and others, and how you have seen your audience respond to the content you have provided, and what you have done to optimize (either by changing content direction, or in capturing more followers).

Questions to answer in your five minutes:

  1. Why do people follow you?
  2. What do you provide that people seem to like?
  3. How often do you post/publish?
  4. What have you done to evolve (if at all)?
  5. What are you doing to maintain your momentum?

We want to hear your unique angle.

DM or email me if you have any questions or input.

Thank you.

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