Announcing: Crunch Lunch!

Ten presenters spend five minutes each in a rapid-fire presentation of concentrated business advice, tips, and ideas. Ten great business topics that move so fast you won’t have time to get bored. And, we conduct a drawing between each presentation for a variety of impressive gifts!

Day: Thursday, December 4th
Time: Noon to 1:30 p.m.
Where: Novell Cafeteria, Mountain View Room

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Don’t blink, and bring a pencil. Each presenter has exactly five minutes to present using 20 slides. Slides automatically advance every 15 seconds. This exciting format assures a high concentration of business advice in a single lunchtime.

Presenters are highly informative, educational, and relevant. Presenters are not allowed to pitch themselves (until the final slide), and you’ll walk away with a brainstorm of information. You’re welcomed to stay after the event to mingle and ask questions.

Download the flyer to tape to the water cooler.

Crunch Lunch is an entertaining, fast-paced, informational event. The event is free, but your lunch isn’t. Grab lunch in the adjacent, well-stocked Novell Cafeteria and bring it in to the presentations.


Crunch Lunch is sponsored by UVEF, Utah Valley Business Blog, and CoWork Utah. We thank our sponsors and encourage you to seek them out.

Crunch Lunch™ is a production of Social Hat, a social media consultancy.

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