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BYU: Online Media Lecture Series

Social Hat partners Jack Hadley and Cary Snowden are currently in the midst of the Online Media Lecture Series, a nine-week course being presented at Brigham Young University. Our Thanks and appreciation to Jeff Sheets, director of the Advanced Advertising Lab and the interest of the Advanced Advertising students for inviting us to share our […]

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Suntweet Success!

The SunTweet event was a major success. Everyone had a great time, we met lots of people, and collectively gave to a deserving charity. Our presentation to Serenity… [audio:serenity.mp3] Money was posted to the Serenity account. Our work here is done! After reviewing the event, and counting up our contribution to Serenity I am overwhelmed […]

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SunTweet Sponsors

A special Thank You for the many folks helping to make #SunTweet the tweetest tweetup, ever! Our hosts: Our Sponsors: Our Panel: Jyl Johnson Pattee of Mom it Forward Ghennipher of S|M Spin Krista Parry, of Park City Mountain Resort Jesse Stay of Stay-n-Alive Sinohui Hinojosa of Emerging Artist Productions Our Support: Special Thanks to […]

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Social Media Club Report

I just got back from the premier meeting of the Salt Lake City Social Media Club, a meeting of local Salt Lake area social media mavens and marauders*. A good time was most certainly had by all who attended, and there were quite a few of us. I am not sure of the official numbers, […]

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Suntweet Charity Tweetup Nominations

Coming? RSVP for SunTweet This post will list the charities nominated for the Suntweet Tweetup (#suntweet). I will updated as often as I get nominations throughout the next couple weeks. Pass the word. Nominate yours my writing to @carysnowden or @startupprincess. Vote on the day of the tweetup via SocialToo. Watch #suntweet for announcement. Here […]

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Charity Tweetup at Sundance! (Updated x7)

Social Hat and Startup Princess are co-hosting a Charity Tweetup at the Sundance Film Festival. A special Thank You to Doba , Park City Mountain Resort, and our other sponsors! Coming? RSVP for SunTweet Donate to charity. Cokeā„¢ and Pizza on the house. 20-minute panel presentation on ‘Creating Value For Your Social Audience“. Cash bar. […]

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Crunch Lunch Presentations Are Posted

Presentations from our Crunch Lunch event on December 4th have been posted to Have at ’em… Click the title to view their presentations: Accounting Strategies (Kent Thomas, Utah CFO) Wellness in the Workplace (Rich Hart, Elevate) Women in Business (Kelly Anderson, Startup Princess) Brand and Messaging Strategies (Jack Hadley, ClarityWorx) Business Banking (Fred Bernhardt, […]

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What Is A Tweetup?

As everyone does, my first response when I heard the term ‘tweetup’ was to pretend I already knew what it meant. Now that I have actually been to a few I can honestly say it is an amazing extension of our virtual network, which in itself is an amazing thing. A tweetup is an event […]

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Tweetup: Ash Buckles

Ash Buckles was one of our expert panelists at the CoWork Utah Tweetup last week. After inadvertently implying that the other panelists may have put our audience to sleep, Ash Buckles settles in with some solid advice on how to use Twitter in daily activity. What he follows, and why he unfollows. He uses Twitter […]

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Tweetup: Janet Meiners Thaeler

Janet Meiners Thaeler was one of our expert panelists at the CoWork Utah Tweetup last week. In her introduction, Janet Meiners Thaeler commits herself as a Twitter Addict. She uses Twitter as her own personal news room, and uses it to get traffic to her NewsPaperGrl blog. Twitter has opened doors for her, including getting […]

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