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The Crunchies are Here!

TechCrunch is hosting their annual Crunchies awards again, allowing us to vote on our favorites among a range of technologies and startups. I am a little disappointed that some of my favorites from this last year are not in the running (Jott and Things), but there is a good list of new technologies and if […]

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Twitter; A Quick Getting Started Guide

I was just asked by a friend for a quick intro to Twitter. Having gone through the basic confusion of what this is all about when I started, I figured I would write up a quick overview. Here goes… Twitter is a micro-blogging site in which you can post articles comprised of 140 characters or […]

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LinkedIn or Facebook?

One of the most common questions I get about social media is ‘LinkedIn or Facebook?’ Many of the business people I work with are already on LinkedIn, and consider Facebook to be a social toy their kids are playing with. Many of those I meet with who are on Facebook consider LinkedIn to be too […]

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The Power of Twitter in Real Time

The United States celebrated Thanksgiving today, which was punctuated by the news of tragic events unfolding in Mumbai, India. And while Fox and CNN provided continuous streams of professional reporting, Twitter offered a continuous stream of raw data and commentary that drew International attention. In a remarkable acknowledgement to the micro-blogging service, this article about […]

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Podcast: Paul Allen Talks About Twitter For Business

I spoke with Paul Allen, CEO of, about using Twitter for business. Paul is self-described ‘Twitter Addict’, and says he uses Twitter as many as ten times per day to share items, bookmark interesting stories, and get the word out. Recently, he used Twitter to announce a temporary position in his company. He was […]

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Tip: See How Many Pages of Your Site Are Indexed by Google

Use this handy Google tool to see which pages of your site are indexed, and what their relative rank is amongst themselves. This is a great tool to use if you want to keep track of your site, or to look in on your competition to see what they are up to.

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