OUR Programs

Social Hat teaches companies how to market over the internet using social media tools, internet strategies, and effective messaging techniques.

Our social media marketing programs include:

  • Intro Workshop; a 90 minute introduction to social media marketing.
  • Pro Workshop: a six hour concentrated planning and doing event.
  • Coaching: an eight week coaching course to keep you moving with your plan.
  • Subscription-based quarterly refresher plan with access to private site tools.
  • Speaking Engagements.
  • General Consulting.

Intro Workshop
Our Intro Workshop is designed to provide an introductory overview of social media marketing, and gives attendees a general understanding of where to begin, and what to do next.

This workshop is 90 minutes long, and is usually offered over a lunch period. This is also the first step in our Corporate Package, and allows the corporate group to invite a wider range of attendees to help establish a greater width of understanding amongst supporting staff who may only be peripherally participating in the social marketing tactics.

Attendees leave with:

  • An understanding of social media marketing.
  • A plan outline for their online brand and messaging strategy.
  • A plan outline for their organic content development strategy (blogging).
  • A plan outline for which online tools and accounts they should maintain.
  • An idea of expectations and how to measure online success/progress.
  • An opportunity to follow up with Social Hat at a discount.

Pro Workshop
Our Pro Workshop is designed to provide a hands-on workshop experience, and includes a guided implementation of a social media marketing plan. Our Pro Workshop helps attendees create an initial social media marketing strategy, and then provides step-by-step guidance through the implementation of social media marketing tactics.

Attendees leave with:

  • An understanding of social media marketing.
  • A draft plan for their custom online brand and messaging strategy.
  • A draft plan for their organic content development strategy (blogging).
  • Active accounts in select online social media marketing tools.
  • A plan to monitor and measure progress/success.
  • A blog, hosting for one year, and a first post.
  • A press release template and tools for posting.
  • An 8-week schedule of tactical events.

Attendees of our Pro Workshop are eligible for our eight-week coaching system, designed to continue the guidance of implementation, and to provide accountability against progress. Each week we will meet with participants by phone for one hour to do the following:

  • Review progress and answer questions about the previous week’s tactical assignments.
  • Introduce and explain a new strategy or tactic.
  • Assign tasks and expectations for the next week of production, and to establish the next steps.

Eight Week Schedule:

Our eight week coaching system is based on progressive progress through the strategy outlined in our Pro Workshop. While we will be working with you to conduct a wide range of tactics, the following outline will be our touchstone:

  • Messaging Strategy: The core of your social media marketing plan.
  • Organic content: Starting and maintaining your blog.
  • Building a press release for the Web.
  • Using social networks to generate traffic.
  • Micro-blogging to announce and research.
  • Measuring success with analytics.
  • Extending your reach in blogs and forums.
  • Workflow; how to integrate social media marketing into the workgroup.


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