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Here is our resource list of great tech tools you should be using to promote and market your business online. Let us know if you have any to add.

Skype is an online VOIP application that lets you make calls, video conference, chat, and send files. It is a handy tool for maintaining contact with your staff and customers, no matter where you are, and provides a cost effective (free!) way to communicate.

Monitter is a handy Twitter app that allows you to moniter three keyword phrases at one time. Type in three keywords and watch what people are saying about them from all over the world, or restrict your search to a specific geographic region. This is an amazing research tool, and very handy for honing your marketing message.

Not only an effective way to follow and monitor your followers, SocialToo has recently been upgraded with a polling tool that allows you to easily create and distribute a poll to all of your social network contacts. Within a minute or two you can create a poll, add as many multiple choice answers that you want, deliver it to your entire network, and then watch the stats as results come back in real time. SocialToo is a powerful online business tool.
Broadcast live video over the Web. We used this for SunTweet and it worked really well. It only takes a few minutes to set up, and is free. If you are ready to start your own online talk show, want to broadcast a meeting, or present to a group, may be the answer you are looking for.

EventBrite pitches itself as ‘helps businesses and organizations of all sizes manage, promote and sell-out their events’. I am really impressed with EventBrite for its ease of use and simple-yet-advanced tools for managing RSVPs and communications. What I am most impressed with is its connection to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, allowing and encouraging participants to share the word upon RSVPing.

Watch this space as we continue to fill out.

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