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To start a social media marketing strategy, you’re going to have to be involved with some social media applications. Here’s a few to get started with…

Facebook has become a de facto standard for social networking, and has caught the attention of businesses large and small; IBM has a Facebook strategy, as does Large or small, you should have an account and be familiar with the many facets of Facebook.

Twitter is a micro-blogging application that lets you interact with thousands of people with small, one-sentence posts. You can use Twitter to link to a page or announce something new (hint hint). The Twitter community is smart and savvy, and can also be a great resource for research and information. Faster than CNN, and less constricted, you will be amazed at what you can learn from Twitter.

For business people, LinkedIn is a must-have, but can often be confusing for beginners. Not to worry; just get started with your own account and get connected to a few people. Pretty soon you will see the power of being Linked In with hundreds of business-minded professionals.

Google Analytics
You’re going to want to watch your web traffic and visitation statistics to help determine whether your social media marketing is working. Google Analytics is a great way to keep an eye on everything. And since Google is one of the entities we’re trying to impress, it sure is handy to see what ‘they’ see. Google Analytics will tell you how many people visited your site, from whence they came (both geographically and domain-ally), and how long the spent looking at what. And a lot more.

Watch this space as we continue to fill out.

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